Sunday, April 18, 2010

Summers come early

Despite the volcanic activity to the North and snow in Scotland, the last week has been some of the most chilled out warm weather I can remember here in Ireland. To stay productive, a couplea nights ago the ever keen Ferg decided to grab a longboard and paddle 20 odd k's down the coast. Me and Wilbot joined him for the cliff lined part of the cruise, on a ski mind. It was so surreal under those prehistoric looking monoliths man. Still and eerie, no real swell, the clearest water, spooky caves, thousands of weird birds, and even a few oversized dolphins. It was a pretty special evenin...


Tai-Ran Niew said...

I just saw your Relentless short story. It is one of the most inspirational and beautifully shot surf film I have ever seen.

Thank you.

Anastasia said...

I also recently saw "Dark side of the lens". It was incredibly inspirational.

"I see life in angles and lines and perspective a slight turn of the head the blink of an eye subtle glimpses of magic that other folk might pass by. Cameras help me translate, interpret, and understand what I see. Its a simple act that keeps me grinning."

This is how I feel every day.. except said in a way I could never communicate. Eloquent.

Marry me? Thanks.

Di Mackey Photography said...

Beautiful. Reads like a day of magic, love the photographs.