Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Weird Intensity of February at the 'Leen

Ireland is usually the most unpredictable place in the world. Weather fronts come and go in a matter of hours, and you never seem to really know what the winds doing, or when the swell might pulse.

A run of decent waves is such a rarity at times as a result. Most of the time it's more like constantly trying to snag random sessions between psychotic weather fronts.

The weirdest thing is, for the last four years, (that's for sure at least - it might even be longer - or we just might have been real lucky these last few years) - a mad run of massive swell and freezing offshores has kicked into gear at the start of February.

I always seem to end up out at Aileens at the peak of the swell. It's the only roughly recurring pattern I've noticed during my whole time out in the waves over here. Everything else has been utter chaos.

True to form, the last ten days we've experienced an intense run of thumping swell and offshores here.

Heres a brief snapshot of the last four years of February swells through my lenses...

2007... Mackin Aileens for ten days. Shots are from the first session of the swell, with Tom DH, Skindog, and Piz 'avin a dig.

2008... Giant Aileens on steroids, just about handling on the first day of the swell. Tom DH, Steve Thomas, Mole and Skindog towing. The swell cranked for a week, five days later I broke my arm surfing Bumbaloid.

2009... One of the most incredible sessions I've seen at the 'Leen. Ferg, Johnny Mac, Tom DH, Greg Long, Twiggy and Sundoran Gillespie. Massive caves in a nasty Nor'east devil wind. The waves pumped for almost two weeks straight either side of this sesh up and down the country.

2010... Ten days of heaving swell and offshores. An almighty couple'a sessions at the 'Leen. Some of the best tuberides I've seen go down out there. All the boys 'avin a dig. Here's a taster of the few that weren't hollow and one of the many that got away...

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