Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow Virgins

Yesterday was one of the funniest days I've had in a long time, so I cut a clip to celebrate. This is what happens when 24 hours worth of snow falls on a town whose inhabitants rarely get to see it, let alone roll around in white powder all day. Work goes out the window, driving down the lane becomes lethal, big hills become mountains, said mountains are scaled, and a complete lack of snow riding experience is overcome by the kid inside us all. Thanks to Ferg, Pete, Rivie, Aisleen, Hugo, Stef, Mel, Robin, George and Steve for a classic adventure... Happiness is a snowball and a pair of frozen wet socks...

Snow Virgins from mickey smith on Vimeo.


wolfgang said...

This is great mickey!
I laughed my head off!
Hows that dog!

thomas robinson said...

haha man that is just awsome... miss you mate