Friday, January 22, 2010

Back in Action...almost

We've had three mad days of heavy salt this week. I tried to shake off my dopey xmas hangover and document them, but...

I fell over and broke my housing on the way out to Aileens. I patched it up with blue tac, went out anyway and hoped for the best.

I developed a love for speed blurs. Most of them are shit in the cold light of day.

We almost drowned Fergs landrover on a slipway swamped with surge. We put some nice big dents in our ski instead of ditching the rove.

Stef got in a fight with the reef at Rileys. He now has a crab claw.

Willy got lumbered with a ski in the lineup at 20ft Aileens. He'd never driven one before.

I almost drowned in the foam of doom, twice. It's the first time I've panicked in the sea since I can remember.

Maybe I'm getting old. I still thoroughly enjoyed it all however, so probably not.

Hopefully shot some decent gear for the mags either way, because, like everyone else, I'm SKINT!

Here's some I might not submit...


Pabolinho said...

water of life
Thanks for the images

grant said...

heavy times but amazing adventure times 2! we had our first day of waves in 2 months on wed i will send willy some shots so u can see. yew