Sunday, January 31, 2010


Went to watch Mutineers play Love Riot on Friday night. Was a rockin set. The lads even called me up out the crowd for guitar duty on their last tune Hyde Road. It was pretty hilarious, quite enjoyed playing a Les Paul for once though. Here's a couplea shots from the combined skills of Ally Sopp and the Wilbot.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Black Hearted Love

My blackened heart loves this song and this video...

Big daddy K

Kirstin Prisk or Big Daddy K. Whatever you may or may not know him as, take my word for it, the man is big, not yet a daddy, one of the funniest humans alive when he's in the mood, and generally an absolute legend. Here's a rad clip of him getting tweaked on the knee with a go pro rig. I feel dizzy, top...

Dropknee Gopro surf hero HD from Kirstin Prisk on Vimeo.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Last weekend I travelled to Manchester for some studio time with Strays. We laid down the first song of our album, wrote three newy's, and mighty fun was had by all. I also found out one of my best mates Iwan Gronow was getting married. As he just bought a house we christened it properly. Heres a few shots from another lost weekend in a little clip of Nat laying down his slide part for 'Outsiders'.

Brother on the slide from mickey smith on Vimeo.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Back in Action...almost

We've had three mad days of heavy salt this week. I tried to shake off my dopey xmas hangover and document them, but...

I fell over and broke my housing on the way out to Aileens. I patched it up with blue tac, went out anyway and hoped for the best.

I developed a love for speed blurs. Most of them are shit in the cold light of day.

We almost drowned Fergs landrover on a slipway swamped with surge. We put some nice big dents in our ski instead of ditching the rove.

Stef got in a fight with the reef at Rileys. He now has a crab claw.

Willy got lumbered with a ski in the lineup at 20ft Aileens. He'd never driven one before.

I almost drowned in the foam of doom, twice. It's the first time I've panicked in the sea since I can remember.

Maybe I'm getting old. I still thoroughly enjoyed it all however, so probably not.

Hopefully shot some decent gear for the mags either way, because, like everyone else, I'm SKINT!

Here's some I might not submit...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Big Dav Transcends Mount Doom

Heading home from the waves down south yesterday my pocket buzzed and I left one eyeball on the road so t'other could read a text from brother Wilbur. The lad needed collecting, he'd just arrived at Shannon airport. Without thinking I started drawing what I thought would be the straightest route from me to him. Up through the hills. Follow the trusty nose into the wilderness. I love these little missions. After a half hour or so of climbing though, the road began to get pretty damn icy. I kept plodding along in my old transit van Big Dav, but soon enough I was skidding left right and centre as the lane I was negotiating became more of a runway into the abyss. There was no way to stop, no way to go back. Braking was certain doom. The only thing keeping me going forward was momentum and a little acceleration. I pressed on for sometime by the skin of my plums, but eventually of course, I slid miserably into a hedge. It was pitch black. Freezing cold. I had no phone reception. I had no idea where I was. Suddenly out of the pine trees comes a wild lookin old geez carrying a chain saw. I kid you not, for a second I thought I was done. After we'd established he didn't want to hack me into pieces though, dude turned out to be a quality ol' pard. He advised me to keep going. It was ten miles or so to safety, heading back would be worse. I hiked a little higher to reception and phoned the boys. Come save me brothers. Half an hour later they tracked me down. Ferg, Lowey and Patch armed with Relentless landrover. Sigh of relief. Thank fuck for friends. Little did we know the journey was just beginning. It took us 3 hours to crawl ten miles across the thickest blue ice I've seen on a road. You couldn't even stand on it. Draggin Big dav up hills, then lowering him precariously down the other side became standard procedure. Of course it went tits up plenty of times, and we hedged Dav more than thrice, almost sending him to his doom at one point. We almost left Dav to weather the deep freeze. In the end though, Fergs drivin, Patches knot tying, Loweys man strength, and my determined cackle's got us through to the other side. Now Wilburs safe and settled in Moybeg, and we have an epic memory of a not so standard airport run. Gotta love the unexpected. Thanks fellas.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow Virgins

Yesterday was one of the funniest days I've had in a long time, so I cut a clip to celebrate. This is what happens when 24 hours worth of snow falls on a town whose inhabitants rarely get to see it, let alone roll around in white powder all day. Work goes out the window, driving down the lane becomes lethal, big hills become mountains, said mountains are scaled, and a complete lack of snow riding experience is overcome by the kid inside us all. Thanks to Ferg, Pete, Rivie, Aisleen, Hugo, Stef, Mel, Robin, George and Steve for a classic adventure... Happiness is a snowball and a pair of frozen wet socks...

Snow Virgins from mickey smith on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Brother and co conspirator on many an off the wall adventure, Allan 'Willy' Wilson arrives in Ireland next week. I'm looking forward to frozen hang time with the ol dog as well as gettin stuck into work on some quirky projects with him. Heres a couplea edits Wilbur recently put together from our stint filming in Tahiti last Summer, and his Winter in Australia around the same time...

Lime juice and the sea! from allan wilson on Vimeo.

Time to Go in the SEA! from allan wilson on Vimeo.

Le boogie Le iphone

Me ol' pard Phil Toinzy Gallagher has done it again with a Bboard industry first, an iphone/ipod touch application for Le Boogie magazine. He's even giving away the app and the first issue of the mag for free at the minute, so go get yourself a copy here, and watch the clip below to see Toinz unveil his silky smooth application and even smoother chest to the world.

le BOOGIE iphone application from Phil Gallagher on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Crooked contrast

Two interesting clips, Nirvana scaring the living daylights out of the Jonathon Ross show circa '91, and Them Crooked Vultures on the same show 2009. Dave Grohl, geez still pushing it through all those years in between.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

icy world

ice on the road ice in my eyes ice in the air ice in my pipes ice on my mind...frozen water, seems like its engulfed the northern hemisphere. here's some shots out amongst the ice en route to crab iceland today...

Heaven Can Wait

Top music video for Beck and Charlotte Gainsbourg by Keith Schofield, watch HERE

Monday, January 4, 2010

Black Sabbath 1970

Been going through a bit of a Sabbath stage for the 1000th time since I was born and thought I'd share this clip of them in their prime. Hold on through them pissing about setting up for a full blast version of Paranoid. Imagine what they sounded like live back in 1970, coming down from flower power into chaos. Rad. Ladies and gents, the mighty Black Sabbath.

Jive talkin

Watchin this underground cat named 'Zancudo' from El Salvador throw down his own tweak on riding a bodyboard in little waves resurrected wicked memories of hilarious summer stand-up-boogs sessions past. You wouldn't believe how fun it is, or how tricky. Goes to show, whatever you're floatin on, whatever the waves are like, if you're laughin, your doin better than most, and this lad looks like he's havin a grand ol time jivin in his own way... Here's the clip, and below it, a shot of Brendo rockin the stand up boogs love at chopes for the hell of it to...


FEVER DREAM the musical from FLAMES YATES on Vimeo.
Ryan Maddog Mattick was one of my favourite bodyboarders to watch in heavy waves a couplea years ago, and probably still would be if he ever felt like pushing into a few. Presently though he's been pushing things behind the lense and on the design table instead, launching ZION wetsuits and filming for FEVER DREAM THE MUSICAL, the trailer for which is above, along with a reminder of some of my favourite vintage memories of Maddog on the boogs below...