Thursday, October 29, 2009

Straight back into it

Got straight off my flight from Strays rehearsals in Manchester and headed down the coast for more of this, goodtimes, what a spell of fun waves, almost cant wait for it to go onshore for a month or two... never thought I'd see the day!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back in the Studio

Presently back in Manchester rehearsing with Strays, renting a new jam room we've nicknamed 'The Temple' and have some mad new tunes on the go, vibes are good. Saying that though, was walking down the street en route to our little temple earlier, alas, my wallet fell out the ol' back pocket - 200 paper bones inside made someone else's day. Ah well at least Liverpool beat United...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ferg sleepwalks at the 'leen

Aileens was massive yesterday, some proper giant lumps of water pulsing around the joint. Ferg didn't seem to bothered by it though, reckons towing big mushy lumps like this almost rates as one of the most mindless things he's ever done. Hell, he fell asleep on the sled in the sun before riding this giant fatty boom boom, it was pretty classic man... Either way it's the biggest wave I've seen anyone ride out there...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BNP on the BBC Voice your concerns

The leader of the Fascist BNP is due to go on the BBC's number one debate show 'Question Time' on Thursday night. It's a dangerous game to play by the Beeb with a man whose twisted mind is armed with a slippery silver tongue. Send Question times host a message through Hope Not Hate, HERE, making sure he knows how crucial it is that he exposes this guy and his party for the nutter he really is, no matter how innocently he tries to dress it all up in spin.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hoping paid off

A little hope and alot of work paid off with one of the best weeks of waves I can ever remember, so stoked. There might even be more to come these next few days... here's hoping!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Gilded Lily Exist

Finally the music exists somewhere else but in our heads...
After 4 years playing random gigs every now and then, and writing weird dark songs outside our usual musical endeavours, me and the boys in the Gilded Lily project finally got together during our annual once a year rehearsal and gig, to dive in dares studio for one whole day and lay two tunes down.

Born out of a side project from members of Strays, Mutineers, and Mclusky, the Lily is a spooky piece of work, but it feels good and is a release for us all. Have a listen HERE...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lives Of The Artists - Surfing Trailer

Here's the trailer for the surfing part of Lives of the Artists...
She's due for release November 11th...

Never know your luck

Here's hopin...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

AIB Surfer - Directors cut

This here's an ad I worked on for Blinder productions. I shot all the water gear for it as well as advising on alot of logisitics. It recently won best commercial at the Shark Awards, so well done to Richie Smyth the director, Helen Hayden the producer, Simon Walsh the DOP, Blinder and Rothco, as well Johnny Mac and the rest of the crew involved...

AIB SURFER from mickey smith on Vimeo.

Tools cometh

This is a snapshot sent by Erik at Delmar Housings of the mould for my newest tool.

The quote from his email goes "it may not look like much, but this is the coolest thing in the world"

Matt Smith Focus

Below is my good friend Matt Smith, photographed for a new feature in Carve magazine entitled 'Focus'. It's hopefully going to become a place I get to write and photograph from a more personal perspective around interesting cats like Smithy...

CARVE FOCUS - Matt Smith

Introduction - Mickey Smith

For me the whole point of clearing space for this corner in CARVE, is to allow a small place to focus creatively on some of surfing’s real individuals, and bring a sense of their personal vibe back into the cold monotony of surf journalism. I want to let the photography and the individual do the talking, and cut the bullshit hype out of things.

I’m inspired by the folk I meet doing what I do, and I want to give something back to them. From my point of view, everyone has their own missions, their own hopes and dreams, and you have to fight a long time, riding out heavy highs and lows to achieve the things you believe in. I admire those with the resilience to keep pushing forwards...

I’ve been on the road in one way or another since I was eleven years old. Travelling and living on the move for a while, it teaches you a thing or two. Some unexpected lessons and a fair few obvious ones. 

Situations change fast and you learn to appreciate that a little more. You end up drawn toward looking for the good in small things, and as a result, annoyance at the minutiae of the mundane begins to dissolve, it even starts becoming pretty funny. 

Happiness boils down to keeping a simple sense of perspective all these years later. 

There’s so much negativity and cynicism shoved down our throats all day long. I think it’s important to remember us humans can achieve some pretty cool things to, however small.

For me, I dig working and playing with cameras. They help me translate and interpret the radness of life in my own way, and hopefully pass on a little of that magic around us all the time. 

I feel like cameras have a little life of their own. People will say “hey their just machines man”, but like some lads have their magic boards, I’ve found a mad connection with certain rigs. 

They have their own minds, own bodies, and most importantly, their own eyes, and can produce something unexpected or extraordinary, beyond what you thought you’d originally seen through them. 

They take what you tell them to see, combine it with what they actually see, then translate that into a format everyone can try and relate to. It’s a pretty trippy process but it gets me out of bed in the morning. That and the smell of waves, or the incessant ticking of tunes in my head.

I like to think there is something deeper and playful at work inside all of us, and if we let that something breathe we can make choices to let us relate, feel inspired, connect and feel hopeful. 

Whatever we’re into and whatever we do, there’s beauty there, and if your motivations are coming from a genuine place, that weird unknown something will help you get wherever it is you need to go, if you trust it.

Probably sounds like a load of geeky dribble, but it’s trust thats got me through some tough times to better times, and will do again.

This issues ‘Focus’ is all about a cat who really sums up all of the above. Matt Smith is the genuine article, a man with a big heart full of integrity. A one time St Ives boy through and through, at 23 he’s since spent a lot of time lost in translation, searching for fresh uncharted experiences beyond the border. 

Right now he dwells way out west in a barn with his girlfriend down at Lands End, where he works as head lifeguard at lonely ol’ Gwenvor. With some of the most beautiful coves in the county as his backyard, it’s clear he’s no fool. 

I grew up here, and it seemed fitting the first of these photographic essays of sorts was set around the area I know best, with a lad who has just as much mad love fore the place. 

Anyways, I’ll halt my own hype train right here before it accelerates to fast and derails...

Ladies and gents, a couplea days way out west with Matt Smith... 

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Last few days the weathers changed alot, from Indian Summer sun to chilly damp windy days with leaves falling around the first inklings of weird Autumn sessions. I for one am frickin excited...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Seaweed loves to boogie

The other day Ed at Magic seaweed asked me to submit some photos for an interesting feature on their site representing the boogs. Its stirred up a load of people, which is always a funny read. Get involved if you've got alot of time on your hands HERE

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lives Of The Artists Edit

Just got back from London town where I met up with director Ross Cairns and editor Julian Eguiguren to work on the beast that is Lives Of The Artists. Ross has put his heart into visualising this thing from the word go and it shows, with epic moody visuals and a heavy vibed look into the lives of the lads involved.

The scenic footage from Greenland alone makes this film worth watching, but Xavier de la Rue comes across as a deeply focussed, interesting cat - who draws the craziest high speed lines down critical Mountain cracks you'll ever see. He talks about almost dying in an avalanche, the footage backs it up and it is fucking heavy.

Gallows are real believers in suffering for their art, they lose the plot in a frenzy of energy onstage, whip themselves up to the point of insanity, and do it night after night. This takes it's toll and their reflective questioning insights into what their music means to them is a real interesting contrast to the intensity of their performances on the warped tour in America. I went from not really feeling their music before I watched the film, to really getting where they're coming from and being seriously moved by what they're about during the space of the film. I can be a proper moanin music snob at times so that says alot to me.

Our part in the film is real different from Powers of three. There's no 6ml wettys for a start and we look awkward as all hell in boardies to be honest. Tahiti looks as beautiful as it is in real life, but not in a cheesy holiday kind of way, and dark blue thick perfect 8-10ft chopes looks sooo good at 100fps. Small or big sessions, the waves compliment Tom and Fergs surfing perfectly, with both of them drawing some insane fluid lines as well as taking some nasty beatdowns. The Highlight of this for me is Lowey freefalling into a mega bomb, sticking it and getting spat out, all at 75fps, rad. This clip alone will silence any doubters left about these lads ability for good - it's full on next level paddle gear, and as legit a statement as anyone can make.

Personally I was most stoked with the tracking gear I shot for this thing with a big ol' Arriflex out there, and Alan 'Willy' Wilson has done a really great job nailing everything at water level to.

The film leaves you with a pretty intense heavy feeling inside, you're not really sure where your at by the end of it all, spun out in a good way. It's an honest artistic impression of some of the real scenarios each crew faces whilst striving to get to wherever it is they want to go, and that in itself is pretty inspiring. There's no glossing shit over or hyping shit up here, it's a piece with integrity, and Ross and Julian have done a great job with the intense task of linking up these three completely different ways of life into 90 minutes of interesting documentary film. By the end you can sense the subtle underlying similarities between each completely different set of individuals.

I went in, watched and then put in my tuppence worth at this stage of the edit, and now I'm already looking forward to seeing how the finished piece eventually warps and turns out. Ross wants it to be a visual poem of sorts, and I really hope it ends up just the way he pictured it.

Lives of the Artists is due for general release in November 09.

Here's the trailer again on vimeo...

Lives of the Artists Trailer from mickey smith on Vimeo.