Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All away in Green

Hells Bells man, last weekend was one of the best of my life, it's taken me a week chilling back at home in Ireland to even begin thinking about writing about it. Long story short, the Greenaway Pro went down in rad style way out West in St Ives. The event took place in memory of our good mate Tom Greenaway, and in hindsight was always destined to become the best party of the year. Me and the rest of the lads in STRAYS did our best to live up to that vibe when we headlined the Saturday night, and man, it was one of the best gigs I've ever played, the atmosphere in there was so uplifting and intense with emotion and good vibes... Massive shout outs to Richie Thomas , Matt Smith and the rest of the organisers for putting on a show I'll never forget and for being such deadset legends... Tom would've been so stoked man...Respect...(Thanks to Ally , Charlie and Jake for the shots)...

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