Sunday, September 27, 2009


Here's a little clip I just cut after spending a couplea days lost in translation searching for waves and finding my feet back at home in the corn... Nothin like a dose of home grown salt and granite to quieten the ailments...

Home from mickey smith on Vimeo.

Ferg at home

Here's a quick promo clip we cut for the Fergs site... soundtrack by the mighty Mutineers ... enjoy

Fergs Site Clip 09 from mickey smith on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big Si weds Jen!



A week ago today two of my closest friends got hitched. Big Si and Jen have been together since they were 16, and over a decade on are still crazy enough in love to go the whole way and tie the knot. They are honestly two of the loveliest cats in the world, and I'm so stoked for 'em. It was an epic weekend of insane weather on a clifftop in the most stunning isolated part of Cornwall where Jenny grew up. The big day started off pretty by the book in a rad little church with Si lookin nervous and Jen looking hot, but by the time the party started on the cliff in a huge marquee - with Gilded Lily headlining in true dark style, there was a full blown festival vibe in flight. The party carried on through Saturday night til dawn on Monday, and it was one of the best man, so good. So thanks to Big Si and Jen for making sure everyone had the time of their lives, and reminding us all that love is still well and truly in the air... Who says romance is dead man!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Weird Feet

This is what happens to your feet after two decades wearing fins...

Dingyism returns

Was doing a bit of clearing out the vaults when I came across these ol' dingy riding shots of Thom Robinson and Jack Johns , pushing the limits of a dingys capabilities in the air, class of their own...

Le Boogie lives!!!

I just received issue one of Le Boogie , and hells bells it is somethin else man. Inspiration is the word. No bullshit, no hype, just eye searing imagery bled onto lush chunky paper stock. A breath of fresh air for the waveriding world. Stoked to have been able to contribute to a print project of this calibre, with Benny Player and Danny boy Skajarowski supplying the fine riding skills over the last year to earn ourselves a couplea doubles. Get online and buy yourself a copy NOW ! Thanks Toinz , fuckin mega work mate, keep it comin son!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lives of the Artists

Here's the trailer for the latest Relentless film, Lives of the artists. We did alot of work for this during our stint in Tahiti, and to be honest it was pretty intense working with the Relentless crew on a production this size at times, but it should be worth it in the end, for quality cinematics alone. They've invested heavily in making sure this film turns out pretty different, and it combines Snowboarding Surfing and Music, with the Snowboarding gear lookin especially mega if this trailers anything to go by.
I have to sit in on the edit and advise on our part of the film over the next couple of weeks, and I'm lookin forward to getting amongst it, going to be an interesting experience for sure.
Anyways, there she plays a bit weird here on my blog, so to check it out properly look HERE on the Relentless site...

Tahits with Tim

Tim Mckennas an absolute gent, he lives the life man and his family and friends were real good to us on back in June. He's posted some shots from his hand in the filming part of our trip to Tahiti this Summer on his site, have a look HERE - theres a rad one of Lowey I've poached n stuck above...

All away in Green

Hells Bells man, last weekend was one of the best of my life, it's taken me a week chilling back at home in Ireland to even begin thinking about writing about it. Long story short, the Greenaway Pro went down in rad style way out West in St Ives. The event took place in memory of our good mate Tom Greenaway, and in hindsight was always destined to become the best party of the year. Me and the rest of the lads in STRAYS did our best to live up to that vibe when we headlined the Saturday night, and man, it was one of the best gigs I've ever played, the atmosphere in there was so uplifting and intense with emotion and good vibes... Massive shout outs to Richie Thomas , Matt Smith and the rest of the organisers for putting on a show I'll never forget and for being such deadset legends... Tom would've been so stoked man...Respect...(Thanks to Ally , Charlie and Jake for the shots)...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Survived a manic few days at Reading last weekend, all sorts of bands were going mental, but to be honest, Radiohead made them all look like they were joking, they are that good, it's scary...