Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vert final

The Boardmasters Vert final went down on Sunday evening to a packed beach in glorious sunshine. I was blown away by what these lads were doing up there, somethin else man, really was. Sam Bosworth, Terence Bougdour, Neal Hendrix, Joris Berchit, Sam Beckett and Alex Perelson, hats off to you boyzees. Great to see Neil Hendrix still rockin - during one run the commentator said back in the day hendrix had won the xgames the year cornish boy Sam Bosworth was born, crazy. Anyways, it was easily the most interesting thing I witnessed all week, imagine what those guys must be feeling, knowing what they can do but freaking with so many folk standing right under the ramp on all sides, Pantera blaring on the sound system, and crazy money up for grabs. Intense... So much more amping to watch than surfing tiny waves thats for sure, have a watch here for kicks...

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