Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Mega congrats to Mike Stewart, at 46 still beating the worlds best bodyboarders in heavy waves. Mike took out the Arica challenge in Chile 20 years after he first won the Pipe comp. He now leads the world tour ratings, over a field of younger nutters in their prime, it's an epic example of how mental power knows no limits. An incredible achievement for the most inspiring waterman out there... Yeah Stewbags...

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Pete Geall said...

Hi my friend suggested that I check out one of their mates blog, and arrived here! I was instantly familiar with alot of your work (its hard to avoid your ireland exploits in the surf press).

Its good to hear another alternative voice for surfing, I particularly enjoyed your post about Laird Hamilton getting in everyones way at chopes! Keep up the good work, If you get a chance check out my blog, its meant to be about UK surfing but its kind of a shit subject so its become more of an amalgamation of music/surf/random musings