Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Stoked to have landed my first MOVEMENT cover, with a massive forward air courtesy of Benny Player in Tahiti last month. Funny thing is, out of all the 10-12ft perfect bombs that went down during the trip, this shot came from a rainy wonky 6ft day of the dungbeetle. We even almost went in with the tired over it's, but after a little gut twitch that Ben was going to fly, stayed. As ever, tis always the most unexpected sessions that turn up the spontaneous heat. Anyways, it was the last shot I expected to see front their mag, I thought the big man himself, movement staff photog Tim Jones would have it in the bag with a mega angle of one of the lads on a bomb. Guess they wanted to run summat unexpected instead, which was a nice surprise for me...buzzin

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Clarkography said...

mickey, you absolutely rule.