Monday, July 27, 2009

JUG props the MORG

Timmy Fish from ASL just sent through a link to an email from surfings number one madman Justin Jughead Allport, giving mad props to the big man Paul Morgan for our recent ASL cover. 

Have a read of the following and then ask yourself why Morgs is still sponsorless, lunacy...

Hey boys,
You might have seen the little story on the ASL site about your cover, but check it out again – we’ve just updated it cos someone emailed us with some big wraps for your baz ...
Say what you like about tow slabs, when a surfer like Jug says something like this, you know Morgs has gone above and beyond.

From: jughead allport
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 12:44:29
Subject: Morgs cover

are you guys at ASL joking!

that cover is sooooo goooood!

That IS THE HEAVIEST WAVE ridden in Oz this year SO FAR hands down!


I have surfed both those waves, the Right and that Left.

* the right, so much water, could probably drown you, pull a few limbs out.
it's a deep water wave, even though it tubes square, you ain't hitting bottom.

* the Left, if you fall, you'll hit bottom, then a 2 wave hold down (ask Courtney Brown) then wash
you up the rocks. this wave is way heavy. Morgs has defied what was thought possible.
He's the maddest fucker out there. his wave is without doubt, in my mind (i've surfed both those waves big) the heaviest wave ridden in Oz this year easy, maybe ever!!!

The day before at the left a crew of 5 or 6 rode a few waves and stopped towing.
It's that heavy. But the right can handle bigger and ya wouldn't think about NOT going
on the right!

Anyhow, i just had to get it off my chest. I haven't read the mag yet, but iIjust DON'T THINK people realise what Morg's has done. He's making history there, pushing the limits waaay beyond. THAT RIGHT has had soo much hype, people don't get it, THE LEFT HAS SUCH MORE SEVERE CONSEQUENCES. and his wave is big, thick and he's deep!

anyhow's , enjoy ya day.


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