Friday, July 3, 2009

Danny Boy goes down

Danny boy Skajarowski got seriously injured at one of our local haunts a few weeks ago, hitting the bottom and splittin his knee into 5 pieces. Kids an absolute Leg End in the finest use of the word, and has been pioneering the joint since day one. It's an isolated heavy wave, involves a long hike into nowhere with cliffs all around so he had to be airlifted out, luckily it wasn't one of his many solo sessions. It's the fourth serious injury to go down there in a season, we've had a broken back, severe concussion with stitches, and two smashed knee's, Dan's taking the cake for nastiest by the sounds. With more crew attempting to ride waves out there than ever before, it goes to show that even those with the skills pay the house every now and then, so go carefully brothers, it aint all fun games and photographs. Heal fast Daniel son x