Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Power of gayskull

I've had a pretty top few days lately, first a few good mates came to hang out the blue in Eire, then I went on a little mission and scored some epic waves - just me and Ferg in the middle of nowhere, no camerawork - just riding the boogs and plank, so happy, and then I got in my van 'big dav' and headed to London last night for the premiere of Powers of three - the movie we've been workin on the last 4 months. It turned out good man, Relentless put on some show for everyone - with cocktails, freebees and an unexpected exhibition of some of me photos inside this fancy London arthouse style cinema. It was a pretty rad night all round that ended up real loose on the streets of Soho. Today i woke up a tad worse for wear, got on a train to Manchester, and I've been recording with Strays all evening. I'm tired but buzzin, love it when things all work out, feelin lucky, or was until I saw some bonus footage from the relentless film... hellish cheeseball end quote meltdown under pressure from me, hellston!


tom said...

haha no excuses mickey ya big gay bastard!! i can see your vagina from here!!

paudie said...

Lookin' forward to it.

Everytime I try to surf I get surprised by how fast I'm going and fall off. Think I need to put down the camera and get back on a board for a while.