Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Having just finished up working on another rad project with one of these fine and obscenely talented gents, I thought it was high time I gave 'em a shout out. Andy and Nick Lawrence, aka - the Kat and Naw, are two legendary australasian twins, with similar creative traits...

Naw is a bezzie from way back and we've stalked the globe together at times. He's also editor in Chief at the mighty RIPTIDE magazine, has been for the last 5 odd years, and has always shown nothing but support and belief in my work and ideas, even back when alot of others simply weren't interested. Cheers pard!

The Kat has been an inspiration of mine from back in the day with his early filming projects, up to his more recent photography and writing. I had the pleasure of living and working with him this Winter in Ireland - he's been documenting the action with us on the Relentless film. Kat jumped in the deep end with us against the odds to make something happen, and did a friggin mega job of it. Thanks for hangin in there brother!

Big man love to the LAWRENCES, yeah!...

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