Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tricks Treats Wraiths Strays and mad weeks

Funny what tricks and treats life throws our way aint it, you never know just what's coming round the corner. Good or bad, its the unknowns that keep us on our toes and make living interesting, educating, and worthwhile. 

I'll endeavour to explain what brought this blatant self indulgent ranting on... 

Back in November I travelled up to Dublin to watch Elbow play, loved it, left inspired. 
In December I was the unlikely fifth member to join Strays, (who at the time were just forming). 

Last week we played two gigs in Manchester, the second with none other than Guy Garvey from Elbow in the audience - watching us upstarts blasting it out. 

I dont find this weird in some sicko star struck way. Not at all, I just think the role reversal is totally bizarre. One minute I'm watching Elbow, not even aware my band exists, 4 months later I've played three gigs with and to some of my favourite musicians in the world, curiouser etcetera. 

To top it off I finished the gigs, hopped on a ryanair flight and bolted back to Ireland - just in time for a mad run in with some of the best conditions of the Winter - in APRIL!???

To celebrate lifes glorious unknown qualities, here's three photos from the last week...

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