Tuesday, April 7, 2009


After a long couplea weeks finishing up work on the Powers of Three film for Relentless, it's been graded and put to bed by the director and the editor. I flew to London to see them just before the final sequence was cut and they've carved a real genuine vibe out of the awkwardness of dealing with us and the mountains of weird n wonderful footage we shot. All credit to 'em! 

It's basically centred around the Ferg and his relationship with the Irish coast as an Irishman. Then outside that, Tom and Fergs relationship in the heavy gear, and then their relationship with me the last few years, and ours with Ireland inside and outside that... 

Probably sounds more like an article on man love for the gay times the way I'm talking about it, but there's more than a few mad cresters in the film to counter any homophobes out there.

Anyways, it got me thinking about friendships and inspiration. 

I'm seriously lucky to call some of my biggest inspirations in this world close friends and family. 

These are folk who aint afraid of making mistakes, people who don't hang about waiting for life to live it for 'em - folk that make their own luck through hard graft, risk taking, resilience, humility, passion, creativity, all out weirdness and dreamin.  

More power to 'em! 

Paulo Coelho's one of my top writers and all round inspiring geez - and as he says, "Most human beings always judge others using their own limitations as the model – and sometimes the opinion of the majority is full of prejudice and fear. Join all those who experiment, take risks, fall, get hurt and then take risks again. Stay away from those who affirm truths, who criticize those that do not think like they do, who have never taken a step without being sure that they would be respected for that, and who prefer the comfort of certainty to the tension of doubt..."

I'm backing that, with a few random selections from a huge pile that would take forever to post - and a quick shout out to the many other folk who aren't in there I've worked with, grown with, lived with, travelled with, played with, drunk with, rode with, whatever... It's a shout out to the crazy kids who've inspired me hugely at different times in my life... you know who you are, you're all mental in your own way, and I love you for it... 

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