Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Life in the big smoke can get you down from time to time, thats why I keep my visits short and sweet. For those whose lot is to rock out in the chaos though, aquatic release can still be found amongst the Winter storms cities usually turn les miserable. 

1. Simply find a massive puddle by a pavement on the side of a main road. 

2. Don your wetty and get out there for the early morning rush hour. 

3. Once in position, start maniacally coaxing the oncoming traffic to douse you.

4. After a couple of seconds disbelief, the commuters rev up their engines, hit the salt and you're soon getting massive 1 second caves on repeat, in the city of all places! 

The best thing is that while you're getting tubed you're simultaneously brightening up the city livers day en route to another 8 hours in the office. 

Here's a seq of me and Nat from Strays take on the joys of street surfing a couplea years back...

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