Thursday, March 26, 2009


One of my good friends Nicholas Mallins the Third, prince of Ermston, took time out from the front of the mighty MUTINEERS with his swinging partner - Lady Tash, (also of Ermston) and came to stay with us pastys in Moybeg the other week. He is one talented songwriter and a class A posh Manc, who mysteriously possesses an unexpected rare trait amongst city folk, a mad strong streak of Cornish craziness somewhere in the confused DNA of a northern englishman. This trait always shines near the sea - the first time Nick came to Cornwall with the band he leapt into Porthleven harbour naked at 5am in frozen February. Thus whilst here in Ireland, despite waves of considerable size and a complete lack of oceanic experience, Mr Mallins hopped on the back of our ski and laughed and whooped his way through some hairy situations at Aileens and Crab Island. As 10 foot liplines bore down on us he cackled in maniacal delight, I've never seen someone completely alien to Surfing be so relaxed amongst waves that could potentially drown him. It was wicked to be able to offer him that experience, and equally tiptop that he was up for it. These are some shots from his stay, a couple of which the band are going to use for their forthcoming album sleeve, nice...

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