Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Its been one helluva couplea weeks in these parts. Some of the coldest weather in years was backed up by two of the best big clean swells all season. So we've been freezin our back tits off and puttin in a fair few hours in the ice. There's been a fair few dramas, Lowey bust himself up good and proper trying to bare knuckle box a house sized troll at the leen. He'll be out for a couplea months but is already training like a lunatic to be even more of a machine when he's back for round ten. We had Greg Long and Twiggy stayin with us and they lucked out despite the cold, each gettin some thick ones under the belt. Ferg's been flyin the flag for him and Lowey and going pretty damn crazy in the soup, kids takin Irish surfing to all sorts of crazy heights these days. Not to be outdone Johnny mac had his first heavy session since filming the bank job and was praising the lord left right n centre with stoke. Lord of the low key stealth attack - Dan skajarowski represented for the Bodyboarders and paddled a few dark caves at the leen before disappearing back into the snow. As for me iv been high rollin for once doin the fat cats job wrapped up in twenty layers shootin off a ski for the first time in ages, twas pretty damn functional but you sure as hell miss out on a lot of fun. We're workin full time on a film for relentless energy at the minute, shooting some rad 16ml gear and with Andy Lawrence now working with us full time its set to be pretty interesting. Have a look at the relentless site if your up for being spun out here

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