Saturday, February 28, 2009


STRAYS dived into conciousness with a smokin first gig at Manchesters Deaf Institute last week.
We finished up craftin the tunes all week leading up to kick off, and then unveiled the music we've been writing for the past few months on a busy crowd of misfits, lowlifes, pastys and bigwigs. 
I was pretty nervous to be honest, but as soon as we got up there and into it there was no time for owt but holdin on by the skin of my teeth to the guitar parts. It was fuckin full blast. Seemed to me like the bulk of the crowd really dug it which kept me goin, Johnny Marr watched the whole thing and seemed pretty stoked on it, as did a few other 'names', so all in all it went pretty well.
Heres some shots from me ol fruit Andy Lawrence, heres to the next!

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thomas.robinson said...

awsome stuff man, so stoked for you fellas